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Fragrance Your Business

  • Hotels / Restuarants

    Choose from a wide range of designer fragrances to suit the image of your of your brand.

    Our diffusers transform high quality fragrance oils into a fine, dry vapor that can be fed through your AC Ducting to the areas you want the fragrance.

    To complete your guest welcome experience from the reception areas, lift, waiting areas, business lounges or anywhere inside your hotel / restaurant.

  • Shopping Malls

    Fragrances enhance consumer buying experiences, it adds value to customer's perception, the environment and your products.

    Study shows at least 15% of sales growth are experienced when a pleasant fragrance environment complements the shopping experience.

    Fragrances are used to enticed people, signature scents can be created offices and stores to compliment the interior design environment.

  • Fitness Centers / Spa

    Add the luxurious, relaxing and energizing experience with Great ScentSations.

    Spa providers go beyond the norm to make Great experience for the customers. Pleasant and luxurious fragrances can compliment the overall experience of your customer's ME time.

    Our fragrances create a fresh, clean and invigorating environment inside fitness areas, pool and changing rooms.

  • Home / Offices

    We spend almost 80% of our time at the office and at home.

    Companies can create a less stressful environment by making a beautiful office interior and the power of a specific fragrances to provide a pleasant ambiance.

    Studies shows appropriate fragrances creates a less stressful atmosphere. Corporate offices can enhance branding by using subtle fragrances that reflects your image.

A Wide Selection of Scents and Fragrances

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